Alcohol Education In The Workplace

about1Effective alcohol education enables people to increase their knowledge and understanding of drugs and alcohol. To explore attitudes, and develop skills for making healthy, informed choices.

Due to staff having safety critical jobs, and the consequences of bad decisions made when hungover having knock on effects within the workplace, makes the need for Alcohol Education in the workplace all the more paramount.

Effective Alcohol Education

Effective alcohol education enables people to increase their knowledge and understanding of drugs, alcohol and tobacco, and to explore attitudes and develop skills for making healthy, informed choices.

We aim to teach effective alcohol education to people from a young age. The earlier will can help instill the risks of alcohol abuse in young people, the more beneficial it will be.

Alcohol education can help to de-bunk some of the myths surrounding alcohol and bad or violent behaviour, Galahad instructors seek to return both the power and responsibility for actions to the students. This is followed up with practical and fun social-skills exercises that reveal underlying beliefs and expectancies.

During our alcohol education, students are encouraged to complete personalised calculations of units consumed on a ‘good night out’ and then discuss tips for staying safe without compromising a good time. Practical first-aid exercises give hands on experience in staying safe and helping friends. In other alcohol education lessons, the cross-cultural uses of alcohol are contrasted with the British style. By using photographs, video clips and personal story, students explore alcohol’s symbolic associations with: trust, loyalty, status, power, celebration, group affiliation, etc.

Alcohol Education Lessons

Our alcohol education lessons aim to answer questions such as:

  • What is binge drinking?
  • Can I overdose on alcohol?
  • Can drinking cause sexual problems?
  • Can drinking cause mental health problems?
  • Is it dangerous to mix alcohol with other drugs?
  • If I have a drink problem, does that make me an alcoholic?
  • What are the treatments for drink problems?

Alcohol education will always be appropriate to the age of the people that we are talking to. Helping people learn more about the effects and risks of alcohol & continue to develop their skills in managing risks, resisting pressures and making healthy choices is a huge part of alcohol education program.

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