Misuse of Alcohol at Work

Alcohol consumption can have a direct effect on the efficiency and productivity of a company. Companies with a workforce involved in safety critical jobs, have to take extra care in educating their workforce, as alcohol use can impair judgement, even after the drinking has occurred. Excessive drinking at the weekend, has an effect on the body and concentration levels on the Monday when the employee is back at work. Alcohol use in excess over a weekend can also lead to increased levels of absenteeism, costing companies money.

Policies On Alcohol Consumption At Work And After Work

Any organization that has a drug and alcohol policy should also be educating its employees on the effects of drug and alcohol use. Alcohol use is not tolerated at work by most companies, however, many companies will use alcohol as a bonding tool. While this is totally acceptable and widely practiced. The problems occur when employees may have, or develop, an alcohol problem. This has a knock on effect into the workplace. Effective policies must be in place and as an employer you may have a duty of care to your employees. A good effective alcohol education programme is essential for any company with a drug and alcohol policy.

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