Alcohol Use and Misuse

Alcohol Misuse is defined “as the use of alcohol for a purpose not consistent with legal or medical guidelines.” Alcohol, consumed in moderation, is enjoyed and socially accepted around the world. However, patterns of alcohol consumption in theUK are often thought to harmful.

  • Alcohol misuse was on the rise among men and women in the UK, but may now have reached a peak level.
  • Employed individuals form the majority of those involved in Alcohol misuse in theUK.

While statistics cannot always provide a definitive picture, they are a strong indicator that the alcohol consumption by many in the UK may be beyond the guidelines set by the government. The misuse of alcohol is not without adverse consequences. In the UK, it has been linked to a number of medical conditions that include acute and chronic health problems such as alcohol poisoning, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, physical injuries and many others.

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