Corporate Substance Misuse, Alcohol & Drug Education

header-corpGalahad SMS provide presentations, induction days, and tailored programmes on a corporate level for businesses wishing to increase the level of awareness and support for drug and alcohol issues in the workplace.

We offer entertaining presentations that are tailored to suit the workforce and the industry. Our Corporate Alcohol Education & Corporate Drug Education programmes cover all you need to know about the affects of drug and alcohol and the effects it can have on the working environment.

Your Problem?

Although most responsible employers know that allowing drugs to be used and sold on their premises is illegal, fewer are aware of the possible legal consequences of inaction when an employee is known to use drugs.corp

  • How do you manage risk without causing loss of morale or damage to your company culture?
  • As an employer do you wait until problems surface and cause difficulties?
  • Or do you take a proactive and preventative approach?
  • What do you do if you suspect employees are misusing drugs or alcohol?
  • Is costly counselling or rehabilitation the only alternative?

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