DNP – A dangerous fat burner

DNP (2,4-Dinitrophenol)

DNPis a man made chemical that has been used as an explosive and is used as an additive for dyes and as a wood preservative. It is a poison, and can and has, killed people. It can burn fat by heating up the body significantly, although this is done at the expense of athletic ability.

There are many side effects with DNP and there is no way to know how it may affect you. One of the common side effects of DNP is blindness, or at least vision problems.
Any product that heats up the body will require the user to consume large amounts of water – very large amounts of water.

Users of DNP have to avoid physical activity and hot places, so no going to the beach on holiday! The body can easily overheat and your internal organs will fail.

Use of DNP leads to lethargy and energy loss so other products have to be added to the mix in order to prevent the negative side effects, such as creating a thyroid problem.

Your food intake has to be strictly controlled and regulated when using DNP. DNP drastically reduces glycogen levels.
DNP is manufactured in underground labs so the dosage and strength will always be unknown. An incorrect dosage can kill – quickly and efficiently!!

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