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I have often seen organisations testing drugs in nightclubs, and at other events, on behalf of the user.   Recently I have found ‘the Loop’ an organisation that tests drug on behalf of users, giving them information on what actually IS in the drugs they are taking.  I think this is an excellent approach.   We will never stop people taking drugs – at least if they can know what they are taking then they can make an informed decision on whether to carry on.   For more information have a look at the website http://wearetheloop.co.uk/

It is not always what you think it is

It is always worth remembering that when buying illegal drugs, you never really know what you are getting.   Purity rates for cocaine and MDMA have increased significantly over the last few years.   This can cause problems for users.   Ecstasy pills in particular, can often contain any number of new psychoactive substances.   These substances can mimic the effects of MDMA but can be far more toxic and have far more dangerous effects on the body.

Novel psychoactive substances

If you are tempted to try any of the so called ‘legal highs’ please be careful.   The synthetic cannabinoids out there can be far more dangerous than herbal cannabis.   The chemical compounds affect the receptors in the brain in a different way.   THC, the active ingredient in recreational cannabis is a partial agonist to the anandamide receptor, synthetic cannabis molecules can be full agonists, resulting in a higher risk of mental health issues and much worse outcomes from their use.  The type of drugs that sends most people to A&E are synthetic cannabinoids.  Use with caution.

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