Drug and Alcohol Education

about1Galahad SMS offer a range of drug and alcohol education. We have been providing substance-misuse education for almost two decades.

Drug And Alcohol Education For Young People

We deliver substance misuse presentations to schools and colleges which are very well received. We offer Alcohol Resources Drug And Alcohol Education that is able to successfully engage our students. Click here for a sample handout from one of our cannabis presentations. (you will add a link I assume?) We also offer a state-of-the-art package aimed at young people – Alcohol & Drug Education, Extreme Challenge and Life Skills – or AXL for short.

What is AXL?

In line with the National Treatment Agencies’ ‘Models of Care’ template (now used to structure most substance-misuse interventions), the AXL courses form a ‘tiered’ system of interventions designed to respond to differing levels of need.

The AXL programmes were developed by Galahad SMS Ltd along with other experts in drug and alcohol education, social research, teaching methods, cognitive behavioural training and life skills. Galahad SMS Ltd offers a variety of courses, programmes and presentations for schools, employers, corporate clients, uniformed personnel and others. We always recommend a preliminary consultation to assess the unique requirements of each audience. The Tier 3 residential course mainly described throughout this booklet is aimed at young people (16-24) who are in need of a brief intervention for minor to moderate alcohol or drug use issues. Binge drinkers, and occasional drug users who are motivated to learn
and change are ideal candidates for this course.

Teaching style of AXL Classes

AXL classes are fun and action packed. Students are encouraged to challenge the instructors and approach the ‘facts’ from many points of view. Instructors are skilled in the ‘Socratic method’ which emphasises learning through questioning and discussion rather than ‘preaching.’

Workplace Education

The Brief Intervention Programme lasts for 1-5 days and is a valuable resource for companies. Induction courses are run for non-addicted employees, alongside education and prevention lessons.

The Early Intervention Programme was developed for the British Army, but is adaptable to other environments and workplaces.

We also deliver bespoke substance misuse presentations to organisations. See our clients page for further information.

Educational DVDs

We also create educational DVDs on drugs which are currently in production and will be available during 2010.

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