Galahad SMS Ltd designs and delivers bespoke educational programmes. Examples of the kinds of packages we provide are below. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Workplace / Corporate Packages

  • Induction packages: Short or day-length presentations and interactive workshops to ensure your employees are fully versant in the company’s drug and alcohol policy and fully understand the implications of substance misuse in the workplace.
  • Company / organisational seminars: Galahad can assist your organisation with entertaining and educational packages for company ‘away days’, AGM’s, Health days, and other human resources events.

School education

Galahad can provide a variety of educational programmes for schools including:

  • Drug and Alcohol programmes
  • Entertaining and informative assembly presentations
  • Classroom-based interactive workshops
  • Peer-education workshops
  • Pupil-led parent education presentations
  • Parent-education evenings

Uniformed Services

Galahad SMS Ltd has been the provider of drug and alcohol education to the British Armed Forces since 2001. We have also worked with the police and other uniformed services. We have a unique understanding of the pressures of service life and both the influences on and consequences of substance misuse for those in the service of the country. For a sample of the programmes we deliver to the British Army, click here [Link to Army Brochure].

Online / DVD courses

Galahad can develop bespoke courses for your audience on a web-based or DVD-based platform. This allows your organisation to ensure that every individual completes the educational package at their own pace. Feedback and assistance are also provided. At Galahad we have experts in course design using Adobe ‘Captivate’ which is a versatile platform allowing us to incorporate video and ‘live’ instructors into the on-screen course.