Fall Out FAQs

Fall Out Study
Fall Out Study – substance misuse and service leavers

Fall Out: Substance misuse and service leavers: an investigation into the impact of a CDT (drug) discharge on drug misuse and mental health.


Q: What is the Purpose of the Research? The purpose of this research is to better understand substance use and misuse among military personnel and to track what happens to those who are discharged from the military because of a positive drug test. We would like to know what impact discharge from the military has on your experiences in civilian life.

Q: Who is Doing This Research? This research is being carried out by Galahad SMS Ltd in partnership with the Veterans & Families Institute (VFI) at Anglia Ruskin University (ARU).

Q: Who is Funding this Research? This research is funded by the Forces in Mind Trust (FiMT). FIMT is an organisation committed to improving the experiences of ex service personnel and to ensure smooth transitions to civilian life. (http://www.fim-trust.org)

Q: Am I eligible to take part in the research? Yes, as long as you have been discharged from UK military service in the past five years for failing a CDT.

Q: Do I Have to Take Part? NO. You are under no obligation to participate and you can withdraw from the research at any point and without providing any reason.

Q: How many people have been invited to take part? In total we are looking to recruit between 20 to 30 participants for the Fall Out study.

Q: What Will I Be Asked to Do? Firstly, you will need to get in touch so we can take down some basic information (e.g. service, age, location, etc.). We will then send you a participant information sheet and a consent form which you will need to review, sign and return to us. Once we receive your consent, we will contact you to schedule a preliminary face-to-face/telephone/video interview (Interview1) at a suitable date and time. You will be required to make yourself available for up to three interviews (Interview1 and up to two other interviews – Interview2 and Interview3) over the course of the 12-month period. You should allow for each interview lasting approximately 45 to 60 minutes.

Q: What will I be asked to talk about? We will talk about your experiences while in the military and your life after on civvy street. We will ask you some questions about your general experiences in the military, your substance and alcohol use history, the impact of your discharge, employment history, but also your social support (family, friends, colleagues) and hobbies and interests.

Q: What are the Benefits of Taking Part? While we cannot ‘guarantee’ that you will benefit directly from taking part in the research, somepeople often find it helpful to talk with others when going through a life changing experience. The researchers working on this project are experienced military researchers and are interested in hearing and documenting your reflections on your life and all its triumphs and challenges. The information we collect here may be used to improve and inform how the military addresses substance and alcohol use. You will be contributing to a greater understanding of what happens to military personnel after they leave the service and are moving back into civilian life.

Q: Can I Withdraw from the Research? Participants can withdraw from the study at any time and without giving a reason. Withdrawing from the research will have no effect on your future relationships with the military, Galahad, ARU, FiMT or any other organisation. You do not need to tell us your reason for withdrawing. You will, however, only receive payment for the interviews which you complete (see below)

Q: Will I get paid for participating in the research? YES, each participant who completes three interviews will receive £100 of retail vouchers (iTunes, Amazon, etc.) for taking part in the study. The first voucher payment of £40 will be made following the preliminary interview (Interview1); subsequent voucher payments each of £30 will be made on completion of Interview2 and Interview3. Please note: WE ARE UNABLE TO PAY CASH EQUIVALENTS

Q: Will I get paid for expenses? YES, if applicable. We will compensate you for your travel and food expenses if this proves necessary. Any claims for expenses, however, must be authorised in advance with a member of the Galahad research team.

Q: What will happen to the results of the study? The results of the study will be written up and published as a publicly-available report. Aspects of the study will also form the basis of articles and papers for specialist academic journals and conferences. The research report will also be publicised through social media, press releases and a dedicated launch event.

Q: Will My Records Be Kept Confidential? All data from the project will be collected and stored in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and industry codes of conduct. It is our standard practice to make all reasonable efforts to ensure that the results of our research are not made available in any way that could identify an individual (unless express permission from that individual is granted). All data from the study will be kept securely for five years from the project start date. After that time, all data will be destroyed.

More details and further FAQs are outlined in the full Participant Information Sheet which will be sent to participants before they consent to take part in the research.