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Sports supplements, what are they?

These are essentially products which are sold to enhance the athletic performance of the user. As a pro athlete where your event may be won or lost by the smallest of margins, sport supplements may be able to help. To the average user their use is aspirational. The fact is, despite all the marketing, sport supplements will have a minimal effect for the average user, if there is any effect at all. Many sport supplements suffer from misleading marketing, under dosing of key ingredients, ineffective ingredients and most seriously (especially for elite athletes or members of the british army) contamination with banned substances. exists for people who want to ensure that the supplement they are taking is free from banned substances. All the products listed on the informed sport registered products page have been tested and are deemed banned substance free.
There are many suppliers of sport supplements and most of the suppliers do not manufacture their own products. As with many things we buy, the manufacturer is not the supplier. If your sport supplement is manufactured in a facility or factory that also handles pro hormones or banned stimulants then there is a high risk of contamination. Much the same as factories producing food which carries the warning – made in a facility that also processes nuts –for those with nut allergies. If supplement suppliers product carried a similar warning, such as – ‘produced in a facility that also handles pro hormones and banned substances’ then it would be easy. However, this is not the case.

Currently the only way to ensure your product has been batch tested and is as free from banned substances as possible is to purchase products that are listed on the website, under the registered products page.

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