Effects of Legal Highs

Legal Highs is the term given to substances that produce the same effects in the human body as illegal drugs do. Such highs and their dangers and ill effects are still unknown, owing to inadequate research. Though these substances are declared unfit for human consumption, they are often sold under the guise of research chemicals, bath salts or plant food. In today’s society, these substances are often used as sedatives or psychedelics.

Many Legal Highs acts as a stimulant & causes the mind to feel uninhibited. This can make users more likely to take risks and to put their lives in danger. Legal highs are combinations of chemicals whose affects on the body are unknown, when problems occur, the hospitals and paramedics do not know how to treat users, as they have no idea what substance they are dealing with. Taking two or more of these highs can create a completely new chemical, one that has not been seen before or dealt with by the emergency services.

GalahadSMS has expertise in conducting presentations and education programmes to make the people aware of the hazards of Legal Highs. Our objective is help people understand the effects of these highs. We make use of e-learning tools and resources to educate the people in a simple and effective manner.

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