New Heroin-Type Legal High

There are growing concerns over a new type of “legal high” which acts like heroin and has been the cause of deaths in the UK.

Normally, legal highs are designed to act like Cocaine, ecstasy, amphetamines or cannabis.

However, a new fake opiate-based legal high called AH-2791, has found its way onto the market with a number of deaths already attributed to the substance.

Earlier this year a West Midlands Inquest heard that one man, Jason Nock, 41, died after accidently taking too much of AH-2791.

Mr Nock’s death was the first in Britain to be solely linked to AH-2791, although it is believed 2 deaths last year were due to a combination of substances that included AH-2791.

There have also been 12 deaths recorded in Norway and Sweden.

The Government has already banned approx. 250 legal high or psychoactive drugs, but is believed that 1 new substance goes on sale every week.

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