Research Projects

Projects that we have worked on, or are currently working on, include:
Galahad SMS Ltd (2004),

Alcohol, aggression and violence: a critical examination of theories, The Home Office Alcohol Policy Unit

Galahad SMS Ltd (2004), Substance Misuse and Juvenile Offenders, London: Youth Justice Board

A thorough assessment of the extent of substance misuse by young people in custody as well as an evaluation of the substance misuse treatment services available to young people in the secure estate.

Galahad SMS Ltd (2005), Getting Crack Users into Services, Southwark Primary Care Trust

This study covered the following areas:

  • Identification the needs of Crack users (including poly-drug users, female and BME populations)
  • Clarification the reasons why some Crack users either avoid participation in services or drop out
  • Description of the patterns of Crack use – initiation, progression, and the pathways from occasional or recreational use to addiction
  • Examination the aetiology of Crack houses (evolution of the house and social dynamics of users within it)
  • Exploration the relationship between Crack and criminal activity, and understand better the difference between Crack-associated crime and crime linked with use of other drugs.

Galahad SMS Ltd (2005), An Evaluation of a Prisoner Aftercare Scheme in Hertfordshire, Hertfordshire Police

Galahad SMS Ltd (2005), An Evaluation of Best-Practice in Nationwide Prisoner Aftercare, The Home Office

Galahad SMS Ltd (2005), Research into barriers to organisational culture change in addressing alcohol misuse within the British Army – a literature review of theory and methods to inform strategy, The Ministry of Defense

Galahad SMS Ltd (2005), Research and development of – Alcohol Education – a guide for teachers, employers and other programme developers, The Alcohol Education and Research Council

Galahad SMS Ltd (2007), An Assessment of Young People’s Tier-3 Substance Misuse Treatment Needs in Wolverhampton, Wolverhampton Primary Care Trust

This consultancy project involves a needs assessment of young people with Tier-3 substance misuse problems as well as a business development plan for the development of services to fill any gaps in current provision. A prevalence analysis of Tier-3 substance misuse needs in the area will also be carried out.

Galahad SMS Ltd (forthcoming), An Assessment of the Substance Misuse Project, London: Youth Justice Board

This study assesses changes made to substance misuse service provision in the young person’s secure estate that resulted from Galahad’s previous report for the YJB. The extent of substance misuse among young people in custody was assessed along with the provision of treatment services and the level of integration that is evident between these services.

Galahad SMS Ltd (ongoing), Evaluation of Resettlement and Aftercare Provision. London: Youth Justice Board

This study uses a mixture of quantitative and qualitative methods to evaluate the YJB’s Resettlement and Aftercare Provision for young offenders. The opinions of those participating on the scheme have been sought to assess its effect on their quality of life. This study will also assess the impact of RAP on the reconviction rate of young offenders.

Other projects conducted by Galahad SMS include work in:

  • Needs assessments of local populations
  • Substance misuse amongst members of the Armed Forces
  • Drug misuse and services for prisoners in the UK and European prisons
  • Young people
  • Vulnerable and at-risk groups
  • Employees in various companies and organisations

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