Safe supplements for the military

Using is currently the only way people that need to steer clear of contaminated substances in their sport supplements, such as serving personnel and athletes, can be sure the products they are taking are safe. Informed sport was set up by HFL labs, HFL is part of the LGC company, the same people that carry out urine testing for various organisations.

Many people think that informed sport is somehow linked to, or sponsored by Maximuscle. We cannot find any truth in this rumour, and believe it was likely started by companies not on the Informed Sport registered product list as some kind of justification as to why they would not sign up, or it was an assumption made by users of the site due to the high number of Maximuscle products listed in the early days of Informed Sport. Maximuscle is owned by GlaxoSmith Kline, a pharmaceutical company. They use pharma grade ingredients and sell themselves as top of the range, super safe supplements. So it stands to reason they would embrace the Informed Sport set up.

Since those days when Informed Sport started its testing programme, many other companies have joined. Companies such as MusclePharm, MyProtein and the Arnold series, among others.

Informed-Sport and other organisations have tested sport supplements to try to conclusively find the contamination level in the supplements we all buy as well as the main contamination agents. The most recent study was in 2013, 24 of the top brands were tested (114 products from around Europe). Of all the products tested 10% were contaminated with banned substances that could cause a drug test failure. Some products that claimed to be “doping free” we’re found to be contaminated. This was a relatively small test sample and it showed a 1 in 10 contamination rate. It was from Europe only and did not include the USA or Asian products.

Unless you know exactly where your products are made and under what conditions you will never know if your product is safe. Many supplement suppliers do not manufacture their own supplements, they are produced by a third party that produces a wide range of goods for many countries and to many standards.

If we pick up food and it says ‘made in a facility that handle nuts and soy’ than we can avoid that food if we have allergies. Supplements do not say ‘made in a facility that handles pro hormones and banned stimulants’ so we the consumers have no idea.

During our constant trawling of the internet to find safer ways to buy supplements, we came across this site – They only sell products from the Informed Sport range and they also check the batch numbers. We are not affiliated to them in any way and cannot vouch for them but they have taken the leg work out of negotiating the sometimes confusing website.

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