Safety Critical Work And Alcohol Misuse

As per the CIPD survey, Managing Alcohol and Drug Misuse at Work, it was found that a significant number of the respondents identified alcohol and drug abuse as one of the major causes of loss of employee productivity and increased leaves. In this context, when it comes to Safety Critical Work And Alcohol Misuse, the issue becomes even more alarming, as not only is the worker putting his own life in danger, but they could also be putting  co-workers and the general public at risk.

Some examples of Safety critical work include; operating machinery at construction sites –factories, train/bus drivers/pilots, carpenters, etc. People involved in such work need to be educated and made aware regarding the implications of alcohol/drug misuse at workplace. Galahad SMS has conducted numerous presentations and education programmes regarding alcohol abuse across the industry over the last decade. We have e-learning support packages to ensure that the message is easily conveyed to the workers.

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