Informed Sport And Sport Supplement Education

Sport Supplement Education is a programme conducted by GalahadSMS to make people aware of the potential adverse effects of using sports supplements. Sports Supplements are basically taken to improve performance and endurance, build muscle and/or burn fat. The sport supplement industry is worth billions of dollars and the marketing employed by companies can be dubious to say the least. The aim of many sport supplements users is to add muscle mass to the body and helps it recover faster after a training session, which means that a person can train longer and harder.

Sport Supplement & Galahad SMS

At Galahad SMS, we educate people on the potential risks of the use and misuse of supplements. They are informed about the effectiveness, toxicity, interactions & other risks related to the intake of sports supplements. Our presentations are aimed at educating people about the nutrients needed by the body and the best ways to get them and use them to maximize the returns on their workouts. We make use of several e-learning tools and resources to ensure that message is effectively conveyed to the concerned people. We have successfully given numerous presentations across schools, sports colleges, universities and so on.

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