Our Staff

Founding Director –

Dr. Anne Fox

Dr. Anne Fox is the founding director of Galahad SMS Ltd. She is an anthropologist who has specialised in the study of drinking cultures for the past 20 years. She has been a consultant on substance misuse, assisting the British Army, the Home Office, the Youth Justice Board and other clients. Her presentations and education packages are always backed up by relevant research and are delivered in styles appropriate to the audience, to ensure maximum knowledge retention. In her PhD thesis, she proposed a radical new theory for the origin of drinking behaviour among humans. She is a frequent speaker at conferences and at Galahad’s many educational courses.   Galahad sms Ltd draws extensively on its panel of advisors to assist and develop programmes.

Fox, Anne and Mike MacAvoy. – Expressions of drunkenness: four hundred rabbits.   Routledge, Taylor & Francis, 2010

The Character of Human Institutions.  Michael Egan, Editor.   Transaction Publishers, 2014

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Panel of Advisors

  • Professor Emeritus H. Parker
  • Dr Vanessa Fowler, clinical psychologist
  • Charles Darwin Professor of Anthropology Lionel Tiger, Rutgers University
  • Professor of Social Theory Robin Fox, Rutgers University
  • Dr Henry Marsh, consultant neurosurgeon
  • Dr Maria Byrne, GP
  • Dr Mathew Mulford, London School of Economics

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