Post Cycle Steroid Therapy

Most steroids shutdown the natural production of testosterone in the body and replace it entirely with synthetic testosterone. When this synthetic testosterone begins to decline and there are elevated oestrogen levels in the male body, there can be unwanted side effects. In an effort to control these, and other, side effects it is essential that a proper PCT is run. The PCT is the part of a steroid cycle that is often overlooked and given that we all react differently to varying testosterone levels it is the part of the steroid cycle that is the most important and need to be considered very carefully.

What To Expect From PCT?

A post cycle therapy usually involves a number of different drugs to protect against a number of possible outcomes. The most commonly used drugs are clomid, tamoxifen and HCG. For some people an OCT (on cycle therapy) is also required, dependant on the individuals cycle and sensitivity.

When Do You Need A PCT Plan?

PCT is needed to help restore the natural hormonal balance within a persons body. While many websites or people may tell you that a particular steroid or substance does not need a PCT it is always worth doing enough research for yourself. Many of the negative side effects that occur when the PCT is ignored or is ineffective can be permanent.

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