Steroid Use

Steroid use is on the rise among the general population, not just with body builders and athletes. The body image pressure on women spawned a whole dieting industry to ‘help’ them get smaller and now the steroids industry is booming to ‘help’ (mainly) men get bigger. Steroid users are everywhere and from a young man’s perspective they can seem like the obvious answer to getting bigger and looking ‘hench’.

Steroids are essentially illegal to possess without a prescription, you could argue the technicalities but in reality to get them in your possession requires something illegal. The internet is awash with steroids, all of varying quality, purity and strength.

Injectable steroids are usually suspended in oil, not pharmaceutical grade oil but vegetable oil. Benzyl alcohol is used to kill bacteria in steroids and when injected it is normally aspirated out through the lungs. This is not very good for the lungs.

Oral steroids have to be modified to survive the liver. The modification made to steroids to ensure they survive this first pass through the liver makes them highly toxic. This is the main reason oral cycles should be kept shorter than injectable cycles.

Injectable steroids can cause pain on injecting, and when dealing with needles there are obvious hygiene issues that need to be addressed. Never reuse needles, dispose of needles properly, use alcohol wipes on the injection site etc. There are always bad batches of steroids circulating and injecting any substance into the body that is not 100% sterile can cause infection. In the case of steroids people can find themselves with abscesses.

A Post Cycle Therapy and maybe even an On Cycle Therapy may be required when using steroids. This is the clever part. Anyone can inject or swallow steroids, dealing with the side effects is far more important and far more difficult to get right. As a rule, men do not know their testosterone levels. Combine this with not knowing the strength of the steroid being injected and it is hard to know exactly what the effect on your body will be. Remember that anyone can post in a forum, it does not mean the information is correct. What worked for one person may not work for you.