Steroids And Their Side Effects

Side Effects

Steroids are drugs. There are a number of side effects from steroids use, some minor and temporary. Others can be serious and permanent. Steroids are produced mainly in underground labs (UGL). Pharmaceutical companies do produce steroids, however, these are usually to treat the sick not for recreational use. The long term damage of steroid use occurs on the bodies major internal organs, such as the heart, lungs,  liver and kidneys. The body’s natural testosterone production is also shutdown with steroid use and often needs help to be brought back into effective production. No natural testosterone production means no sperm and therefore no children, something that at 18 may not seem such an issue but at 35 it often is.

Steroid injection

Injecting steroids carries the risk of potential infection. If there is bacterial contamination in the vial of steroid you are about to inject, this is then injected into the body resulting in a possible abscess. Abscesses have to heal from the inside out and they can take a long time to heal and often leave their mark as a large recess in the injection site.

At Galahad SMS, we have expertise in conducting presentations and education programmes to make the people aware of the dangers of steroid abuse. We have e-learning tools and resources that prove helpful in making the people aware of the dangerous side effects of misuse of steroids. Our objective is help people understand the ill effects of misuse of alcohol/drug/steroids of any kind and to take appropriate measures to keep this problem at bay.

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