Substance Misuse Education

about2Galahad aims to continue to reduce the level of substance misuse by young people through local delivery of substance misuse education, prevention, treatment and enforcement programmes as set out in both the new ten-year Drug Strategy and the Youth Alcohol Action Plan.

The importance of this is empahsied by The Government signalling its commitment to substance misuse education with a national indicator (NI 115 Substance misuse by young people) in the Public Service Agreement 14: to increase the number of children and young people on the path to success.

Effective Education Programmes

An effective substance misuse education program prioritises families for the first time. It outlines actions to reduce the harm that children experience from either their own or their parent’s use of drugs, alcohol and volatile substances (glue, gas, solvents, etc.). These include:

  • Taking a long-term view of prevention by intervening early with families at risk, improving treatment for parents with drug problems and protecting their children during and after the treatment period.
  • Improving substance misuse education and strengthening the role of schools and children’s services in identifying problems and intervening earlier.
  • Integrating substance misuse education within mainstream children’s services and targeted youth support (TYS), improving access to positive activities and ensuring effective specialist treatment for under-18s.

At Galahad we continue to work within the key principles of of substance misuse education and aim to provide services which are ethical, empowering, effective, sensitive and appropriate to organisations, communities and individuals. We work closely with parters within the NHS and other organisations to ensure that what we deliver is meaningful and effective. We have been established for over 13 years, conceptualising, designing, and delivering innovative training, education and publications. Our substance misuse education includes:

Substance Misuse Education for Young People

Alcohol & Drug Education, Extreme Challenge and Life Skills (AXL) is a state-of-the-art package aimed at young people.
We deliver substance misuse education presentations to schools.

We create educational DVDs on drugs (currently in production).

Workplace Education

The Brief Intervention Programme lasts for 1-5 days and is a valuable resource for companies. Induction courses are run for non-addicted employees, alongside education and prevention lessons.

The Early Intervention Programme was developed for the British Army, but is adaptable to other environments and workplaces.

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